2nd Hot Spring Spa We have owned

2nd Hot Spring Spa We have owned

We love the Hot Spring Spas and are happy with our 2nd spa the Vanguard.
It’s nice with all the jets and the ability to adjust them to your needs. I highly recommend it if you have any back problems due to the multiple areas you can sit, which allow you to have the jets hit different spots on your back.
The one caution I would make to potential buyers is while it technically has 5 seats, if you have more than two people in the tub at the same time, you quickly run out of room where you can all put your feet, particularly if you are sitting next to each other. If you want more room then I would recommend moving up to the Envoy (which we have previously owned and had to leave in a move, but loved) or the Grandee.
Had we taken a test in the showroom, we would have realized that and likely purchased the Envoy again. That being said, we love the back jets in the Vanguard even more than the Envoy, so it is a trade-off and we just try not to have more than 2 people in the tub at the same time and keep a seat empty between us and it works great!

Gwb783 - Cleveland, OH