Love the hot tub

Love the hot tub

We purchased Hot Springs Grandee in the Summer of 2014 and after waiting for 8 weeks for delivery it finally arrived just in time for the Fall season. We live in south east Pennsylvania and for the past six weeks it has been everything that we have hoped for. This was our first hot tub purchase and we had a hard time deciding which size tub to go with. Overall we are glad we went with the Grandee.
The ordering process was easy and the representative was very knowledgeable. Once we received the hot tub, it was delivered by professionals who understood the product and how it works. We got good training in usage and also tips on how to make our experience better. While we had some concern over our electric bill, the usage has not increased very much. It’s very manageable! The support from the dealer has also been very helpful. Thank you Crystal Pools of Lancaster PA!
The Grandee is a great choice if you plan on entertaining. We have fit up to eight people in the tub at one time. When it’s just the two of us the tub seems overwhelming but we really have enjoyed it so far.
The tub seems to be well made and is easy to maintain and clean. We went with the Ace salt water system and getting the water balanced down has taken some time but once you have it down, it isn’t difficult.
The only downside that we’ve notice was on a cold and windy evening (25 degrees with 10-15 mph winds) during the great early “Polar Vortex of 2014”. Four of us decided to brave the cold and take a dip. The tub was set at 102 when we got in but the heater was not able to maintain the set temperature for very long. We lost two degrees in the first hour and the tub was down to 98 by the time we had to call it a night 45 minutes later. I emailed the dealership and asked them if this was normal and they confirmed on cold windy nights the heater will not keep up. We have tried other cold nights, mid to low 30’s with no wind, and the tub only lost a degree per hour.

Spikemd1 - Lititz, PA